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Speaking English clearly and naturally is an important part of studying abroad, traveling and having an international business. In my speaking class, students will learn useful idioms, practice their pronunciation and listening skills, read and discuss news articles, and learn how to use English in daily conversations.


The Business English course is essential for adults working in international business. This class includes targeted, tailor-made courses to help your company and employees develop their relationships with overseas clients. These focus specifically on the terminology needed for areas such as negotiation, reports, polite conversation and business proposals. 


My IELTS class will prepare you on all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, although you can choose to focus on a specific skill. This course will include practice IELTS tests, useful phrases and expressions, pronunciation/listening skills, and the vocabulary needed for your test score goal. This course is good for high school students and adults.


Learning to write clearly is essential for children and adults. Students can choose their specific writing skills that they want to improve, such as grammar, business emails, reports, essays, University applications, professional CV writing, and more. Contact me to request your specific writing subject information.