5 Important Tips to Learn English Quickly and Effectively

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

5 Important Tips to Learning English Effectively and Easily

English is one of the most popular languages in the world. It's considered a "world-wide" language and is used to travel, study abroad, conduct business, and more! Learning this language opens doors in almost every aspect of life. Because of its incredible usefulness and value, millions around the world are trying to learn English quickly.

So... How do we maximize the effectiveness of our study time to learn English quickly and easily? Here are 5 important tips!

Tip #1: Surround yourself in English

Many people will say to just "practice, practice, practice," which is true! However, we all already know that we need to practice English a lot in order to become fluent. The more work you put in, the more you will learn.

Instead, I want to suggest for you to surround yourself with English. If you use social media, follow English-speaking pages such as news sites, English learning groups, fun teachers, and even popular gif pages! Make an effort to read some of them when you scroll by.

If you are an advanced speaker, change your phone language to English. You will HAVE to learn new words then...just so that you can use your phone! Listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, read a page of a novel every day, or listen to English music. Even if you don't understand many of the words yet, I guarantee that you will improve your speaking, reading, and listening skills more quickly if you surround yourself with English.

Tip #2: Speak English whenever you can!

If you are learning English to study abroad, conduct business negotiations, travel, etc, then you need to actually practice speaking. I don't just mean having conversations with people (although this is the best method), but even just reading English out loud will help. Your mouth needs to get used to using English, so you should read out loud or practice useful sentences as much as you can. Choose a short article or part of a book every day and read it out loud until your mouth becomes comfortable with the sentences. This will quickly improve your speaking confidence and speed.

Here are some useful sites that have English articles made especially for English language students. Choose your level and practice:

Beginner, intermediate and advanced students:

News in Levels:

Breaking News English:

Intermediate and advanced students:


British Council:

Tip #3: Focus on Pronunciation

There is no point in learning English if people can't understand you. You don't have to have perfect pronunciation, but speaking as clearly as you can is a good goal. Many students wait until they are at an advanced speaking level before they really focus on pronunciation. If you wait a long time, then you should know that re-learning English pronunciation will become MUCH more difficult. Be patient, be kind to yourself, and set realistic limits.

There are multiple ways to practice pronunciation. Of course, it's best if you have an accent coach or private tutor, but you can also listen to podcasts and watch videos with native English speakers. If you are focusing solely on pronunciation and not listening skills, then choose 1 country to learn pronunciation from. For example, you could choose to practice American pronunciation (very common, but recognize that there are MANY types of accents in the USA), British, Australian, Canadian, or something else!

I offer American English accent coaching and pronunciation classes, but you can also use these sites to learn by yourself:

British Council: (This part is categorized as "listening" but you can also listen + read the transcript to practice pronunciation)

Engoo: Choose your vowels, consonants, or minimal pairs that you want to focus on. Each part includes practice words, sentences, paragraphs, and exercises.

Tip #4: Find a practice buddy

Speaking English with a tutor is always helpful, but so is speaking with a practice buddy or friend. There are many groups where you can find a good buddy to practice with every week for free. This will help keep you accountable, learn new pronunciation, and greatly improve your speaking confidence.

Groups where you can find a practice buddy:

English speaking practice Facebook group

Speak and Learn English (Live)

Learn English: We are hungry for English

Tip #5: Find your effective language learning technique

Everyone learns languages using different methods and at different paces. There is NO method that works perfectly for every single person. We are all different people and therefore we will have different ways to learn a language. I recommend trying a few methods and tracking your progress to see what is effective and comfortable. It's important to have a balance between the two.

  1. Label your stuff in English with notes.

  2. Use flashcards consistently.

  3. Read the news in English.

  4. Find a conversation partner and practice every week.

  5. Watch a movie, short video, or listen to a podcast.

  6. Pretend you're in a certain situation (a restaurant, cafe, meeting, etc) and practice your own conversations in English.

  7. Switch your electronics (computer, phone, google, etc) into English. Best for intermediate-advanced speakers.

  8. Choose a daily topic and learn 1-3 new words about that topic. Practice it again in a few days, then in 1 week.

  9. Translate small things from your daily life every day, even if it is just in your head or on some paper.

  10. Do research about a topic in English every day.

These are the tips that I always give my students. Of course, it's always most effective if you study 1 on 1 with a native English tutor, but I know that this isn't possible for everyone. Do your best, be kind to yourself, set reasonable limits and have fun!

If you would like to learn more about my private tutoring options, click here or email me at

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