Top 6 Benefits of Studying with a Private English Tutor

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Should you study in a group class or with a private tutor? This is a question that every English student asks before they begin their studies. Research shows that private tutoring is much more effective if you want to learn English quickly and thoroughly, especially if there is a specific part of English that you want to focus on. However, private lessons are often more expensive than group classes, so why should you pay more for a tutor? Today we will look at the reasons why studying with a private English tutor is far more effective than group classes.

1. Customizable lessons

A good private tutor will always test the student's language skills and choose lesson materials according to the student's current level, future goals and needs. This type of customizable lesson is more enriching, interesting and effective for the student because they identify the specific things that the student needs to improve on. For example, if the student has a problem with past vs. present future tense, then the tutor can choose materials on this topic. The same is true for grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure, and more. Anything the student needs to work on, the tutor can customize and provide.

2. Lots of speaking time

When students take group classes, a common problem is that they often don't have enough time to speak. Teachers may call on students to answer questions or put them into groups for conversations, but then the students mostly speak with each other rather than the teacher. Studying with a private tutor means that the student is ALWAYS speaking directly with the tutor, who can then correct their mistakes. The student is always hearing the correct pronunciation of the tutor rather than the incorrect pronunciation of their classmates. This large amount of 1 on 1 speaking and listening time greatly increased the student's learning speed and speaking confidence. As we all know...the more you speak the language, the quicker you learn!

3. Learn at your own speed

One of the biggest advantages of studying with a private tutor is that there is no competition with other students for the teacher's attention. Instead of learning from a textbook with a strict time frame for finishing, you can learn at your own comfortable speed. This is especially beneficial for adult students who have other important responsibilities or children who have trouble keeping up with the fast speed of a classroom. Not surprisingly, this includes a LOT of students since most normal language classes go too fast.

4. Learn daily English conversational skills

Daily English conversation skills are arguably one of the most important and useful parts of learning English. Sure, you may need English for business negotiations, marketing activities, traveling abroad or studying at an international University, but you will probably use your daily conversation skills even more!

If you study in a group class then your teacher will likely focus solely on the main topic of the day in order to maximize the lesson time. You won't have time to catch up with your teacher or talk about daily situations unless that is your topic for the day. However, if you study with a private tutor then you and your tutor will usually catch up at the beginning of each class. This gives you the opportunity to talk about your day, what you did recently, what you're planning on doing in the future, and your opinion on certain topics or recent events. Learning daily conversation skills is an incredibly important part of learning English and studying with a private tutor gives you the opportunity to learn these skills.

5. Increase your confidence and self-esteem

A major complaint from students in group classes is that they don't have the confidence to speak. Perhaps they feel shy, inadequate compared to their classmates' skills, or uncomfortable being the center of attention. There are many reasons why some students don't have the confidence to speak in a class and being silent all the time can reduce their self-esteem, especially if the other students have better speaking skills.

Learning with a private tutor means that the student can feel more comfortable speaking. After all, the tutor is there for THEM, not for the other students. In my classes, I often encounter students who have never taken a private lesson and who lack confidence speaking. They may know a large amount of vocabulary and phrases, but they spent so little time actually speaking that their mouths aren't used to the language. I've found that these students rapidly advance and and become more confident by the 2nd or 3rd lesson.

6. Develop a personal relationship with your tutor

Personally, a big reason why I like private classes is because I enjoy developing my relationships with my students. Getting to know their personalities, goals, previous experiences, and little quirks is such a fun part of tutoring and is the main reason why I only do private lessons instead of group classes. During my first few months as a private online tutor, a student remarked that I "seemed to genuinely enjoy tutoring" and I was a bit surprised because I hadn't thought of it before. However, she was right. I had previously taught large classes before becoming a private tutor and I hated that I couldn't get to know my students well. I had been tutoring this student for a few weeks and I already knew more about her than I did about my previous students from the group class (25 students) that I'd had for many months.

Developing a good relationship with your tutor means that your tutor will be invested in your success, but it also means that you will be more invested too. A good relationship will help you to feel more comfortable in the class, practice a wide variety of conversations that you may use with future connections and friends, and enjoy the lesson itself more.

Overall, there are many other benefits of learning with a private tutor, but each student needs to find what works for their own learning styles. If you or your child learn better in a group class with other students, then that's great! Students should be able to consider all the options before choosing what works best for them.

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