Student Reviews

Nguyen My Hanh

If you are looking for a high quality and full-of-fun English class, you come to the right place!. Ms Luna is a very smart, lovely and kind teacher who always patiently listens to her students and tries to help them to improve their english. I had a really great time studying with her

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Kim Liên

Luna is so generous, patient and smart. She always listen to you truly. Especially, she helps you to pronounce correctly because she is a native speaker. I am lucky when I can learn with her. Thank you, Luna!

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Phan Sơn

The class with Mr. Trent was really great. At the beginning I had many difficulties in writing skills but the teacher was still very enthusiastic and dedicated to teach me. The teacher also has some very good tips to teach reading to make it easier for me. 5 star rating for my beloved teacher


Lưu Hà

How lucky am I to be Luna's student. She's young but has a wide background knowledge and individual expertise not only in English but also in other topics which help our conversations often interesting beyond expectations. Hope she has enough time and health to teach English for more people in Vietnam.


Nguyen Thanh Ngọc

Ms. Morgan is an amazing teacher. She is very patient in teaching and corrects mistakes during the learning process. In addition, she is a fun and interesting teacher that creates a comfortable learning environment for my child.


Chuong Nguyen Viet

My brother and I have been studying speaking and writing with Mr. Trent for almost 5 months and both of us have clearly improved. Every time we have questions or mistakes, the teacher explains it carefully, and also gives us more tips to speak and write better. The teacher is enthusiastic, psychological, super super cute and funny, even I am a difficult person who likes to learn from him :)


Lê Hằng

Teacher Luna is very enthusiastic and patient when teaching students. I like the way she expresses her ideas in different ways and uses a variety of vocabulary for students to understand.


Tung Taiachau

It is clear that Pacific Links Foundation is lucky to have you as an English tutor for our scholarship students. As a class observer, I realize that you are an experienced, cheerful and energetic teacher. Keep good work and thank you Luna!